Five Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever wanted to do something different in your life like start a new career or become an entrepreneur? How about learning how to dance, go bungee jumping, or doing something totally out of your normal character? If this is you, then I am sure someone told you to “step out of your comfort zone”. As a first response, you replied, “it is harder than you think” and wonder what this really means to you.

Coming out of your comfort zone can mean many things to many people. This can mean being uncomfortable with trying something new; that you are stepping out on faith to make a decision you are not sure about; or maybe you are afraid for fear of repercussion of the outcome. What is certain is that you are opening yourself up to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is not a bad thing. In many ways, it is a good thing.

Many times, we are so busy working in our silos that we forget that there is a whole other side of things we need to be open to exploring. This is how we build up the self-confidence to learn something new and exciting things. Surprisingly enough, you will also discover something new about yourself such as a new talent, or that you like a certain thing you never even knew about.

I will share with you how I had to learn to break out of my comfort zone. What I learned was not that hard. I really thought it was going to be some terrible thing; but in fact, it was really quite simple. The key is learning what method or techniques you can use to help you step out of your comfort zone. So, below are five ways you can break the barrier to get out there!

1) Believe and trust in yourself that you are making a good decision: When you make any type of decision, there some level of vulnerability involved because you are opening yourself up to accept the outcome. Trust in your gut and make the decision. After you make the decision, own up to it and be proud of the decision you made. Now, if the decision turned out to be a bad one, accept and learn from it. From there you can adjust and bounce-back with another decision that will work.

2) Be open-minded to learning and taking critiques: When you open yourself to learn new things and take critiques about your learning experience, you are again being vulnerable. Accepting creative criticism will help you understand what went wrong so you can fix your mistakes and move forward. When I started my business, I made many mistakes. Therefore, I attended learning workshops and received feedback from other entrepreneurs who honestly told me what I could do to improve my business. I took it with a grain of salt, was open to their advice, and applied what I needed. As a result, I did reap great benefits for my business as well as it gave me more confidence to go out there and network with more businesses for feedback about my business. If I had not done so, I would be still stuck.

3) Trial and Error:  Yes, you will fail at times. However, this does not mean that you are a failure. Accept that mistakes will happen, but this is how you develop – learning from your mistakes. One of things I did in the past was to partner with someone who was an extravert and loved to do new things. For thing things I always wanted to do, we would go out and do it together so I can try it. Now, if it was not for me; after all, at least I got a chance to try something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone does not always mean that you are going to do this one thing for the rest of your life because you tried something. It could be you just want to know what it is like; and you either you liked it or you do not. At least you know.

4) Determine which actions will benefit you:  Create a goal plan to do something different listing the five Ws (What, When, Where, Why and How). This way you are creating good reasons why you should engage in an activity or make a decision that affects you.  Creating a plan will also get you achieve small goals, which will also help boost self-confidence and trust that you are making the right decision.

5) Focus on Having Fun:  One of the things I always did was focused on the fun. When I did that, I noticed that I was not as nervous or thought about what could happen.  Mostly because I did step 4 first and planned my event so I was aware of my “potential” outcome. This helped alleviate any pressure of feeling like my decision or being vulnerable was a bad thing.  Another reason why you want to focus on the fun is this is how you discover what you are passionate about. You never know, you may find your calling in life this way.

I hope that some of these tips I shared with you will help you find ways to step out of your comfort zone. It is not always easy to do; however, with these simple steps you have a good start.


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