Career Transition Workshop Guide




Career Transition Workshop Guide is a guide designed to give you straightforward information on how to transition careers and protect yourself against the pitfalls of unemployment.

The purpose of this book is to serve as a reference guide to help you prepare for a career change or get back into workforce. As you read through the topics and examples in this book, it is our hope that this document will help you answer some questions you may have and give you the necessary information you need during your next job adventure. All of the information provided have been taken from my own experiences as well as from others I know who encountered similar employment situations. So, I decided to write this book so that others may be able to benefit from it.

There are six key areas we will discuss in this book and they are:

  1. Determining when a career change is needed.
  2. Evaluating the reasons to stay or change careers.
  3. Preparing for a new career.
  4. Knowing the risks involved.
  5. Researching what knowledge, skills and abilities is needed to compete.
  6. Researching what educational background or certifications are needed to support your expertise.

So, if you are thinking of switching jobs, getting a new job or getting back into the workforce after retirement. This guide is for you. Included you will find information pertaining to:

  • Scenarios and activities
  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
  • Sample Resume and Tips
  • Occupational and Unemployment Statistics
  • Building a Professional/Personal Brand
  • Where to List Your Resume and How
  • Types of Recruiters and much more!

When we are faced with the choice of making a career change, whether voluntary or by force, we must be prepared to bounce-back quickly.  As technology changes so does job requirements, and there is no guarantee that your skills will remain relevant. Through the use of this book you be well-informed and prepared should you ever be in a position to change careers, get back into the workforce, or deal with unforeseen employment situations.

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