Written by Leroy Mckenzie, Jr., CEO JNF Enterprises

A few days ago the music icon JayZ released his 11th cd, and to much much avail. The Hip Hop mogul has been out of the game for several years now but you would not know it from all of the hype that he has gotten from the release of his latest cd. Jay Z has gone from what I call being a businessman, where he was on the street corner doing what he felt he had to do in order to survive, to now being a Business Man; and using his Brand to make his money work for him. The release of his new cd had me reflecting on how a man can be so influential in the way that our community and society sees itself.

This phenomenon is not just limited to just Jay Z but it also has a few other men, who are in sports and entertainment who seem to control the dynamic of how and the way our society thinks. Jay Z, releases a cd and there was even more hype at least a year or so before the cd came out because his wife, Beyonce, released her cd lemonade, which got people talking about Jay Z. Now, with the release of his cd people have been talking much about how his lyrics have gone from the hustler on the street mentality to the Business Man mindset of flipping Art and having good credit.

As I looked at Jay Z and these other men in music, sports and entertainment and the ones that have turned being businessmen into being a business man. Why do their words hold more weight than those of us who have been saying the same positive things to young men on a regular? How have they been able to go from just being businessmen (athletes, entertainers, musicians) to being a Business Man (where they have much power and influence over the narrative in our communities). Well here is my take on this dynamic that ailes our society and community. Many of the Business Man/Men that I am referring to are in Industries that give them a platform that most of us do not have. While these industries have high visibility many of the men in these industries go along to get along just so that they can live the lavish lifestyle.

The second thing that allows them the influence that they now have is that when they were businessmen their mentality was I gotta do what I gotta do and I will do it at any cost. They “PUT IN WORK” as they call it. Now that they have put in work they were able to get to another level. The music, sports and entertainment industries carry much weight in our community versus those industries like Pastors, Entrepreneurs or Business Leaders. There are plenty men who go to work every day, say the same things that these men in more visible positions say but don’t have the influence over the very young man that they see on a daily basis. The businessman vs. the BUSINESS MAN made me think of who are we as men of faith? Are we the businessman or are we the BUSINESS MAN? The businessman is a part of the culture while the BUSINESS MAN moves the culture. Which man are you trying to be as a Man of Faith. We, as men of faith must understand our purpose is to be the light of influence in our community and in society. The faster that we adopt that mindset the faster we begin to move our culture, our family and our society that we live in.

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