We are excited to once again present our 2019 BMWOC magazine! Special shout out to those who contributed to our issue. Thank you so much!  You are the reason why I do what do to promote your talent.

We are a global digital, subscription-based magazine. You can you can subscribe at https://issuu.com/alstntec.  In the meantime, please take a Sneak Peek at some of the content. Next issue will be released April 2019. If you are interested in a printed copy of this magazine, contact us at bmwoc@alstntec.com.

We are also excited to welcome our Supporting Corporate Sponsors for the BMWOC Magazine - April Edition 2019.

Taylor & Anderson LLC is a diversified company with a variety of services that range from property management assistance, outsource receivables management, credit assistance, administrative functions and cost analysis. Taylor & Anderson LLC assists organizations with non profit sponsorship's and facilitate business strategic planning locally.

Donald Anderson has over 20 years of experience in receivables management, mortgage origination, debt counseling, and collections in the Washington Metropolitan Area. He is a highly organized and detailed oriented consultant to CEOs of for-profit businesses, Executive Directors of nonprofit organizations, and other clients. He offers proven financial guidance to increase revenue, creative alternative income sources, improve lending and accounting practices, and providing credit evaluations.

Learn more about Taylor and Anderson by checking out his video on YouTube or visit his website at https://www.taylorandersonllc.com/.

Regina Christine Crayton: GINA, to her most recent friends and fans is a Southern California native, nationally recognized speaker, published author, radio personality and host of Get It Done With GINA Radio on Tha Afterparty West Radio, and America’s #1 Booked Social Media Correspondent. As an author her sophomore book “G.E.T. I.T.” - Godly Empowered Talent Inspiring Thousands is due to be released on Amazon in early 2019 in kindle and paperback. While on a 6 -city Authors In Business group book tour with Microsoft the mother of 3 promoted her first book, “Little Gina Bakes Cupcakes with Mommy”, a children’s story. In preparation for the nationwide tour, GINA sharpened her public speaking skills becoming a regular at Toastmasters. In addition to writing and speaking, GINA created her 2nd company, GINA Inspires LA and under this company she acts in another one of her passions as America’s #1 Booked Social Media Correspondent.(SMC). With the recent inundation of LIVE steam, GINA sought after fulfilling a life- long dream of becoming a tv new anchor person, so she decided to create her life by design and fill the position herself as a social media correspondent.  Learn more about Gina at  www.ReginaChristineCrayton.com.

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The BMWOC Podcast and Magazine is a globally promoted publication designed to support the Business Men and Women of Color Podcast members and other professionals who are looking to maximize their exposure.   To view the 2019 season, please visit https://www.bmwocpodcast.com/  To view a list of 2016-2018 participants, visit  www.alstntec.com/bmwoc. 

For the July Power-Play issue, we are seeking to feature those who are considered to be "The Big Boyz or Girlz in Business" Are you someone we should admire?  To be considered for a feature, please send inquires to bmwoc@alstntec.com.  Things we are looking for in your story.
  • High quality photo of yourself
  • In a MS Word document, 2 to 3 paragraph compelling narrative of your story or professional background.  Make your story interesting for readers.
  • One Page Speaker Sheets are not acceptable for features, but great if you want to just submit an ad
  • If you are an author of a book, submit an image of the front cover of your book.

 Advertisement Pricing and Requirements

Support Sponsor:  One Issue: $125.00, Four Issues: $475.00


 Articles should be no more than 2 pages and can include your photo, logo or product.  - $250.00

Photo Format  Resolution: 300 dpi or over 3000 pixel, and can be in full color or Blk/Wht


Quarter Page Feature or advertisement:  Size 3.5 x 4.8: Resolution: 300 dpi - $75.00

Half-Page Feature or Advertisement: Size: 3.625 x 10”  Vertical Format Resolution: 300 dpi - $100.00

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Ad Specs and Additional Information
1. All ads must adhere to the specs above.
2. Ads must be submitted .pdf, *.png, or .jpeg format and emailed to infoservices@alstntec.com.
3. The resolution for all files must be formatted at 300 dpi. and pixels 3000 and above
3. An additional cost will be assessed for ads that are not submitted as stipulated above.
4. Ads can be formatted with full bleeds.

All photos should be as clear as possible with the highest resolution for best display. All bios should be no more than 3 paragraph and proofread. Only clear front cover of publications or products are accepted.

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