3 Keys to Happiness

Contributing Author: Shelley Meche’tte, Founder and Executive Director of The PowHERful Woman

If you live life long enough (which is about 30mins), one will find that there are definite discomforts, sadness, inconveniences and MORE that will continue to frustrate you as long as you occupy space on this great earth.

We seem to live in a society that has completely disassociated itself from simple humanitarian concern. We feed on the destruction of others (watching/”liking” videos of others’ pain) and find feelings of joy and entertainment in ciaos (most reality shows).

With a world that seems to glamorize negativity, and (many) individuals who seem to delight in the madness, I have discovered that there are 3 things that those of us who do NOT enjoy that cycle can do, to hold on to our inner peace and happiness.

1. Realize that you are the ONLY one who holds the Key to YOUR happiness:

Yep…YOU and YOU alone are responsible for YOUR own happiness. Your spouse, your children, your family members…none of these people are responsible for ensuring that you are a happy, satisfied individual. Satisfaction, joy, peace, love…all of these things start from the inside and flow outwardly. Real peace comes from knowing who you are and being secure in that person. Because who “I” am is inner-twined with who Christ is and who He has created me to be…MY peace lies within Him, and He never disappoints!

2. Understand that Life…I mean…CRAP happens:

Yep…you read that correctly. Crap happens. Everyday…all day. And if your happiness is based on things that happen in life (good or bad), you will end up extremely imbalanced/constantly frustrated.

There will always be something that does not go right. There will always be an interruption in life. There will always (unfortunately) be a death, a bad grade on a test, a troubled marriage, challenging child. Basically what I am saying is that…there will ALWAYS be CRAP going on in life. And if you are easily swayed by its hardships, you will never experience the enjoyment of mastering your own mental harmony. Love life in the good times, and learn the lessons of life in the bad. And do not allow the good times…OR bad times to be the dictator in how YOU will master your world!


Have you been designated the new Life-Changer in the lives of others? NO? I didn’t think so. Then why are you always trying to change someone to fit into YOUR mold of acceptance?? You are not in control of what others do. You have no power to change anyone’s habits…lifestyle or choices. Does that mean that we do not try to help our fellow man or try to offer better ways of improvement? Of course not. But it is not up to you whether or not the other person receives what you have to offer.

If you do not like a man/woman that smokes…DON’T DATE/MARRY ONE!! See how simple that is?? Instead of getting involved with that person and becoming upset every time they light up, wouldn’t it be easier on both you…AND them if you just never get attached in the 1st place?

Save yourself a bit of hassle. Stop trying to create people into who YOU would like for them to be. Stop trying to force people to be who YOU imagine them to be, and STOP TRYING TO CHANGE PEOPLE!

There will always be hiccups in life that knock us down or cause us pain, but if we learn to take the proper time (and proper way) to mourn over the loss/hurt/disappointments, we will find that we are able to still maintain our inner peace, joy and happiness as we walk through the tough moments in our lives!

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