Small Business Strategy Course


Looking to start a business? Get all the information you need in one course. See the below for full course description details.

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Course starts: Wednesday, September 12th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm each week.
This weekly Small Business strategy Course is a premier business building course for serious individuals who are seeking to start a business, or have started and need help in one complete course. No more searching around for information.
Let me ask you, what do you need to get your business going? When you attend this course, I will show you how to start and grow your business from A to Z.  So, get your business “from under the grind, and off the ground”.
In this course, you will have:
 – A fully developed business concept and solid business strategy
 – A preliminary business plan
 – The knowledge on where to find your target market
 – An effective marketing plan for your products and services
 – The ability to use social media to grow your business
 – The knowledge and ability to obtain business certifications to help grow your business
 – The knowledge on how to build and leverage business networks and more
 – Weekly Mentoring session to keep you on track
 – Referral services you need to run your business
 – Handouts to help reinforce your learning along with homework assignments
I will also have expert presenters come in during selected weeks to give additional information in the class. I will also teach you other things you need to know for your business, who you need to contact, how to implement as well as network with others who may be able to help you with your business.
Students will participate in a graduation event to celebrate their success.
Limited seating available for those who are serious business owners.