Elevate & Boost Your Career 1-Hour Virtual Career Coaching Session


This personal 1 hour one-on-one career coaching session, I will talk to you about

  • Your Career Goals, skills, knowledge and experience
  • Long-term, Short-Terms Goals
  • Help you Determine If Your Skills Are In Demand.
  • Expert Advice on What You Can Do To Excel In Your Career
  • Show you what you can do to excel career and provide solutions to your problem.
  • Include critique and/or rewrite/update of your Resume/Cover Letter and provide recommendations.

Once you purchase your session, you will immediately receive a link to download the ebook and I will contact you to schedule an appointment, or you can email me at infoservices@alstntec.com to schedule the appointment date and time. All session times are flexible to help meet your needs.



This personal 1 hour one-on-one career coaching session is designed to help you get to the core of your needs. I will give you much needed advice about how you should pursue your career path so you can make informed decisions.

Just for purchasing this session, you will also receive a complimentary download of my workshop guide, “Career Transition Workshop Guide” absolutely free!

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