Pass the torch to your next career jump

(Originally posted on LinkedIn)

Career transition is not hard at all, if you have the right tools at your fingertips. Everyone asks, what is the secret to career transition? Well, that is easy. All you have to do is ‘pass the torch’ to your next job using the skills, you already have.

The ole saying is that you can always find a job when you already have a job. However, when you are unemployed or coming out of retirement, this can be a little difficult because now you have to explain why or how you left your employer as well as describe what transferable skills you have. Nonetheless, none of this matters if you are not working to keep your skills transferable.

Transferable skills are specialized skills you can use to enhance not only your current profession, but also use to move into another profession. Having transferable skills makes it easier for the hiring manager to envision how your skills can contribute to the organization’s overall mission. So, why not learn what your transferable skills are. There are many ways you can find out and how to use them for your next career jump. For me, I like to use the analogy of training to win a race.

Career preparation is like training for a race or any other athletic event. Once you win the race, the feeling you get from winning is so rewarding because all of your hard work would have paid off! Below are some tips that can help you prepare for your next career race.

Understand your capabilities:  Just like a runner during practice, they record their time to see how fast they are, you have to record your career path. Recording your career path reveals the experiences you have, therefore showing you what your capabilities are.

Stop and Stretch: Once you have your capabilities, stop, and take a stretch. This is when you research what positions are out there that matches with your experience. The point here is to find out how far you can go with the skills you have. Other discoveries will be learning what other lines of professions or industries you can touch.

Nurture Your Skills:  Now that you have an idea of what your capabilities are, how far you can reach, now it is time to nurture your skills prior to the race. This is when you take the time to obtain whatever experiences or education you need to enhance what you have or obtain what is required for the profession you now want.

Study the Track: While you are getting additional experience, stay focused on the track and make sure you are not digressing from your path. Your career roadmap is dependent upon researching the market to ensure that your skills are still in demand.

Run the Race: Once you are physically and mentally ready, run the race! As you receive feedback during your search, make adjustments as needed. Most importantly, finish the race and never give up.

Anne Alston is a professional development coach, empowerment/mentor, business promoter, author, and CEO/Founder of ALSTNTEC. You can find additional articles at If you are in need of a career coach, I can help you develop a career roadmap customized just for you.

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