Connecting Clients, Technologies and Industries

ALSTNTEC is a Career and Small Business Consulting company that 1) aim to help individuals in various stages of their career reach their target goals; and 2) raise awareness of various types of small businesses by providing a platform for them to promote their products and services. We do this through personal and professional development training, workshops, mentoring, and empowerment services.

Our mission is to build unified partnerships, that promote growth and produces results for a positive way of life for our customers.

Partnership, Growth and Results” represent the integrity we have within our company and provide for customers.
Alstntec as a Partner ALSTNTEC wants to build a PARTNERSHIP  relationship with you or your organization.

Strong partnerships allow our organizations to build long-term relationships, collaborate,
share information, and implement solutions for our attendees. It is through partnership
that trust is established. Therefore, our partnership with your organization is important to us.

Alstntec wants to help you Grow In order to measure the GROWTH, we need to ensure that our customers are improving
their quality of life. The important tools and resources we provide to our customers
brings solutions that can improve their overall personal and professional way of life.
During each workshop, we actively engage with our attendees to ensure we are meeting
their expectations.  Aimed with this knowledge, we consistently give our customers quality
services that enhance and changes their lives.  The more we can help, the more we can grow
Alstntec Gets Results ALSTNTEC delivers RESULTS!

Our services are designed to put key information into the hands of our attendees.
This drives results because our customers are able to act immediately and get solutions.
Since we often partner with organizations, more resources are made available to our customers.




Byte Back
Carolyn Community Group Homes Foundations
Life Enhancement Group
Maryland Roundtable for Education, STEMNet
Maryland Future Business Leaders Association
The Patriots Training Center
Prince George’s County Public Schools
The Training Source
Thomas Management Consulting
University of Maryland University College Mentor Program
Urban Radio/Radio-One
Will Holmes Consulting
WFBS981 Fuego Beats Radio

ALSTNTEC’s Business Men and Women of Color Podcast Series promoted approximately 91 Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Author on its online podcast series. To view a list of participants, please visit the BMWOC web page.

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