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Marketing, Branding, Desktop Publishing, and Media Kits; We Cover It All.


Marketing & Promotion

Digital promotion: We specialize in creating digital products, e.g. digital flyers, full-page flyers, and short videos that are compatiable with social media and other marketing channels.  Let us bring your vision bring it to life.

Corporate Brochures: We create custom and attractive brochures that command attention. Perfect for meeting with VIP clients, displaying at exhibitions, or via direct mail communications. Having a professional brochure shows you are highly invested in the growth of your company.

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Desktop Publishing Services

Logo & Image Design: What is most important to us is your Brand. Our Desktop Publishing Services will help you create a logo image that is rememberable and connects with your customers. This includes creating beautiful images that align with your company. Just let us know your vision and we'll take care of the rest.

Documentation and Reports: We specialize in creating all types of documents, reports, trade studies, white papers, and spreadsheets. This includes creating Adobe Acrobat fillable forms, budget sheets, contracts, and operational reports. Each items is customized to your needs. Just let us know the details and we will create it for you.

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One Sheets & Media Kits

One Sheet:  As a business professional, having a OneSheet that illustrates your accomplishments is key to landing your next gig.  Be ahead of the competition and show off your accolades. All we need is a professional headshot, your content and we'll do the rest.

Media Kit:  Need a media kit package that shows off more of your professional background? We will create a custom and attractive portfolio of services based on your professional background including speaking engagements, interviews, video information and other participation information.

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