Butler Armstead Consulting Solutions in Mitchellville, Maryland is a consulting firm that consists of two Divisions – one specializing in Federal Government Contracting, and the other offering the full range of Human Resources Management Consulting services.

The Federal Government Contracting Division assists small businesses and other client companies through various phases of the Federal contracting process.  We encourage application of time-tested principals to enhance existing business development models and to help clients grow and sustain effective relationships with Federal sector partners.  We seek to enrich the client’s knowledge of key practices and behaviors in government contracting as a means for maximizing enterprise performance and competitive posture.

The Human Resources Management Consulting Division aids Federal, State and local entities in optimizing the use of their human resources.  High performance organizations need great leaders at all levels throughout the organization.  The Human Resource Management Consulting Division engages, inspires, and educates current and future leaders to step beyond the ordinary and deliver exceptional results.

Mary Butler Armstead, President and Chief Executive Officer, has over 30 years of distinctive leadership experience within the Federal sector and is recognized as an expert in Federal acquisition and contracting processes. Her background includes coordination and direction of a Federal acquisition and contracting policy operation; management and oversight of a $40 billion dollar Government-wide Contracting Program; leadership of a team of public and private sector experts responsible for implementation of an agency-wide information management system; and, extensive training of Federal managers in the areas of Federal acquisition and contracting.

Mary attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Maryland, majoring in Business Management and Economics, respectively.

John T. Butler, Chief Operating Officer, is a nationally recognized facilitator and motivational speaker. He serves as the firm’s senior consultant, bringing more than 20 years of experience. John’s numerous assessments and design and facilitation of organizational development include: leadership and management training, teaming and team building, work process improvement, and executive coaching.

His practical and integrated approach to organizational and leadership development is underscored by his familiarity with psychosocial and interpersonal skills development. His full command of current industry solutions, coupled with keen insights into organizational dynamics, guarantees the timely support your mission requires.

He has a Master’s in Education, Guidance, Counseling, and Studies in Theology. He is certified for group work and group psychotherapy, and qualified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.


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