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Looking for a career change and need assistance? We are here to help you strengthen your persona and achieve the career of your choice. Career coaching can provide you with powerful knowledge you can use to improve your skills and be in demand. It also prepares for you an unexpected career change such as a layoff, termination, or long-term unemployment so you can quickly bounce back.

Counseling services are held via phone, in-person, virtually or via workshop.  Our workshop is interactive and can be tailored for the youth, adults, special groups, or customized for your audience. Additionally, provide reference materials that are used to reinforce lessons learned during the workshop.

Perfecting your professional development skills is necessary if you want to be successful in the workplace. Our professional development sessions are designed to teach you the “know-how” needed to  improve your professional acumen skills and advance your career growth.

Contact us now and let us help you design a career strategy that works for you. We have services for every budget.

 business consulting


Are you pursuing entrepreneurship?  We offer an array of small business start-up consultation services to get you on the right track.  Our workshops, webinars, podcasts, and one-on-one sessions are designed to help you from A to Z.  Our goal is to help you  start and grow your business.

Are you an existing small business in need of promotion?  Our international, online podcast platform will market your business to the masses using the latest marketing platform such as social media streams, newsletters, press releases, digital media platforms and more.

Business consultation services can be held via phone, in-person, virtually or at your organization.  Contact us today to schedule a free 20 minute consultation about your start-up or how you or your organization can participate in our podcast.


 business consulting


Making major life decisions can be difficult. Let us help guide you in the right direction.  Whatever you are pursing, we are here to give you sound, expert advice so you can use to make informed decisions and achieve your goals. Our one-on-one mentoring sessions services are held in-person, virtual or at your organization.

Our empowerment workshops provides positive and uplifting experiences geared towards managing work-life balance, time management and more.  Each workshop is interactive and can be tailored for women, men, special groups, or customized for your audience.

Contact us today to schedule a workshop or an appointment for a one-one-mentoring session.


Thanks so much!! Your book "Empower Thyself is Amazing!!

When you gave it to me I valued the thought behind the encouraging words ...But now a year later the effect is completely new.I have been working on my business plan as well as actually getting my thoughts together to place them on paper .With looking at your editing , words arrangements, pictures and all this detail.. I'm like WOW!! It takes patience, skill, discipline and hard work to produce such quality work.... You have skills! I'm I'm so appreciative .

Jasmine B.


Delivered As Promised!

"Alstntec Career services delivered a prompt, casual, and cohesive set of tips and tricks for getting into the career I had hoped to break into. As a budding animator I didn't initially believe that she could help me, but after hearing her out I learned that her tips actually work in an all purpose fashion, helping people out regardless of profession."

Jamal W.


Good advice, works for anyone.

"This company gave surprisingly good advice considering that I don't think that she's ever worked in the film industry. But i guess it goes to show you that really good advice will work in any situation."

Michael W.


10/10 Very Helpful

"So after some mental debate I decided to give career counseling a chance. I choose Alstntec mainly due to her prices being very fair when compared to many others on their site who charged through the nose. I was surprised at the quality of the advice she gave me. Would rate 10/10 if given the option."

Spirit S.


The Right Choice!

"So, I've gotten a lot of advice from people, and most of them come off a certain way. A "Do this or you fail" kind of way. So I was kind of surprised to hear Anne talk to me in a more understanding manner. She was responsive and understanding when I told her that some things I've already tried didn't work, and was quick to give me alternative solutions that no one had given me a chance to hear. Personally, I think she undersells herself slightly. But if you're reading this and are considering others on this site, then stop, you've already found the right choice."

Jack S.

I highly recommend Alstntec Career Services
"I am a recent college graduate seeking to transition into the Federal Government. I have longevity at my current position, but I am seeking advancement and upward mobility. It is very challenging for job seekers to navigate through the employment maze. Anne Alston, with Alstntec Career Services has been "God Send." She has assisted me with the perplexing task of navigating through the employment searching process. Alstntec Career Services provides that personalized touch, hands-on-approach though coaching, mentoring, resume/cover letter writing, and employment searches. I would highly recommend Alstntec Career Services to anyone in need seeking employment."
Loretta G.