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career coaching


Career coaching can provide you with powerful knowledge you can use to advance  your career, improve your personal goals and be in demand. It also prepares for you unexpected career changes so you can quickly bounce back.

The Elevate Your Career Program is to provide a personal one-on-one session that is designed to help you build a career strategy you can follow and succeed. You will also receive a complimentary download of the Career Transition Guide ebook to get you started. Your future is based on the choices you make. So, get the training need today.



 career coaching


Mastering your business acumen is an absolute MUST in order to be successful in the workplace. These are your core skills that you use on a daily basis personally and professionally. Are you lacking in certain areas or need additional training? I am here to help you strengthen your persona and help you achieve a higher level. I will help you build your professional brand and learn the “who, what, why, when and where” needed for your career growth.

If you are pursuing a career in the information technology field, I can help you strengthen your skills and design a career strategy to help you obtain the career you seek.


 career coaching


Let me help you build self-confidence and empowerment in whatever your goals and dreams, both personally and professionally your seeking. I will be here to give you sound, expert advice that will help you make informed decisions and help you achieve your goals. My empowerment sessions are designed to help you deal with work/life balance, time management and more. My virtual sessions also serves as a platform for a mentoring sessions as well.




Thanks so much!! Your book "Empower Thyself is Amazing!!

When you gave it to me I valued the thought behind the encouraging words ...But now a year later the effect is completely new.I have been working on my business plan as well as actually getting my thoughts together to place them on paper .With looking at your editing , words arrangements, pictures and all this detail.. I'm like WOW!! It takes patience, skill, discipline and hard work to produce such quality work.... You have skills! I'm I'm so appreciative .

Jasmine B.


Delivered As Promised!

"Alstntec Career services delivered a prompt, casual, and cohesive set of tips and tricks for getting into the career I had hoped to break into. As a budding animator I didn't initially believe that she could help me, but after hearing her out I learned that her tips actually work in an all purpose fashion, helping people out regardless of profession."

Jamal W.


Good advice, works for anyone.

"This company gave surprisingly good advice considering that I don't think that she's ever worked in the film industry. But i guess it goes to show you that really good advice will work in any situation."

Michael W.


10/10 Very Helpful

"So after some mental debate I decided to give career counseling a chance. I choose Alstntec mainly due to her prices being very fair when compared to many others on their site who charged through the nose. I was surprised at the quality of the advice she gave me. Would rate 10/10 if given the option."

Spirit S.


The Right Choice!

"So, I've gotten a lot of advice from people, and most of them come off a certain way. A "Do this or you fail" kind of way. So I was kind of surprised to hear Anne talk to me in a more understanding manner. She was responsive and understanding when I told her that some things I've already tried didn't work, and was quick to give me alternative solutions that no one had given me a chance to hear. Personally, I think she undersells herself slightly. But if you're reading this and are considering others on this site, then stop, you've already found the right choice."

Jack S.

I highly recommend Alstntec Career Services
"I am a recent college graduate seeking to transition into the Federal Government. I have longevity at my current position, but I am seeking advancement and upward mobility. It is very challenging for job seekers to navigate through the employment maze. Anne Alston, with Alstntec Career Services has been "God Send." She has assisted me with the perplexing task of navigating through the employment searching process. Alstntec Career Services provides that personalized touch, hands-on-approach though coaching, mentoring, resume/cover letter writing, and employment searches. I would highly recommend Alstntec Career Services to anyone in need seeking employment."
Loretta G.



Learn More About My Services


Need only the tools?  The Career Transition Information Guide gives you all the tools you need to build your career foundation.

The Career Transition Workshop Information Guide is designed to give you key information and guidance on how you can prepare for a career change. It will also teach you the risks of long-term unemployment and its affects as well as share occupational statistical information.

You will also show you how to properly prepare a resume and cover letter with examples, learn about interview tips, where to apply for jobs and more!

In addition to your purchase, you will gain access to my members only Workshop Handouts page where you can download templates, checklists and other helpful information to your career journey.

Learn more about the Career Transition Workshop

I Want To Purchase the Book and Get the Handouts

 Schedule one-on-one session with Anne 



Take your career to the next level by purchasing a Elevate Your Career 30-minute or 1-hour career coaching session. In these sessions, I will work with you one-on-one to develop a career strategy that works best for you specific situation. My proven formula and strategy works for any type of career and with any type of industry. I will provide you with the tools you need to make a quick come back. If you select the 1-hour coaching session, you will also receive free complimentary download of my new book “Career Transition Guide”, a $15.00 value.

With the Elevate Your Career Resume Critique session, I will work with you one-on-one to strengthen your resume so that you stand out among the competition and get you ready for an potential interviews.  With the Elevate Your Career Interview Prep sessions, I help you develop a good first impression each and every time, teach you about what you look for when interviewing and what hiring managers are looking during your interview. You will walk away with step-by-step on tips, tricks and techniques you can use that will help you land your career.

The Elevate Your Career- Professional Branding session is designed to show you how to build your career portfolio, make sure your career path is clear and help you use social media to build your brand. All hiring agencies are looking to see if others are vetting your experience. So, don’t be left behind and use technology to help you elevate your career.

My services are provided via telephone or Skype and in some instances in-person. Click the image below browse our virtual sessions.


Learning is truly the “Gateway to Success”.  Teaching others about career preparation and technology is critical to recognizing new career opportunities or bounce-back into the workforce after unemployment. As the demand for new skills and technology in emerging industries increases, so does job requirements. Therefore, we must work together “as partners” to bridge the gap to reduce the unemployment rate and increase quality workers. You can help by hosting a workshop for your organization or private event.

My workshops not only teach career preparation and technology, but also I teach empowerment along with mentoring and motivating our attendees to take action!  Your contribution to host a workshop will help me continue my efforts as well as help provide needed tools and resources for specialized services such as: on-going interview & resume preparation services, mentoring services, job placement assistance and discounted technology courses.

Some of the benefits of hosting a workshop is let your customers will know that you care about their future. I will market your organization on our website, social media platforms and other marketing materials as an active participant in career growth. This is also a great opportunity to showcase your business services, how it relates to their career goals and offer viable solutions that will help them in the future.

So, let’s work together to elevate and set the bar for success!  

Refer Anne Alston to give a workshop for your organization and Receive A Referral Bonus! (restrictions apply). Contact me today at to learn more about how your organization can work with me to host a workshop as we build unified partnerships to help our community.

Need help building your self-esteem?  The Empower Thyself ” A Guide to Improving Personal and Professional Health for Women will help empower you to do great things!

career coaching services

The Empower Thyself – A Guide to Improving Personal and Professional Health for Women is designed to help women build their self-esteem and while using methods from my 7 Principles and 34 techniques. Each principle is filled with 6 to 7 methods or techniques you can empower yourself to:

  • Manage Work-Life Balance
  • Manage Depression, Anxiety or Feeling of Failure
  • Build your Confidence in the Workplace and more
  • Help Recognize that you are worthy, beautiful, wonderful, and empowered to do great things.

Learn more about Empower Thyself

I Want To Be Empowered!


This is my new blog that I started for 2017. I will post new articles about tips, tricks, techniques and best practices about career readiness. I will also post the same about technology, mentoring and empowerment and other relative topics that matters to you. If you have a topic you would like for me to talk about, please let me know and I’ll post it here.  You can also catch me via my private Facebook page at  There you will get to see my video tips, articles as well. So, I would love to have you join me.


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